Market Research Consulting​​
In an age of constant change, companies and organizations that respond quickly to their customers and market needs thrive.  The Rickinson Group is a market research firm dedicated to helping its clients improve performance and achieve competitive advantage.  Our mission is to help you identify and respond to market needs.
What We Do
Who We Are
We offer the full range of capabilities from exploratory qualitative techniques to advanced analytical methodologies.
Founded in 1998, we are a small boutique research firm specializing in the following industries:  healthcare, consumer products and services, professional and trade organizations, and energy, the environment and utilities.
Product Development
Advertising and Communications
Customer Satisfaction Management
We provide innovative and creative research services for each stage in the product development process.  The use of effective and appropriate research tools and techniques throughout the development process can help to increase the chances of product success.
Our research services will help you determine if your brand image is vibrant and viable and if your communications are having the desired results.  From positioning strategy development to copy testing, we provide the insights.
Our goal is to help our clients understand their customer’s wants and needs via Voice of the Customer, identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction, and measure company performance on critical service quality attributes.  Our goal is to enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately, lead to improved customer retention and loyalty.