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At The Rickinson Group, we believe that the most effective strategies and tactics are developed based on sound market intelligence and insights. We have extensive market research experience, as well as an understanding of the unique challenges faced by organizations in the communications and technology markets.

People Working on ComputerAdvancements in the communications and technology market continue to drive fundamental changes in our society. In these times of rapid technological change, it is often difficult to keep up with the growing demands, or identify the unmet needs, of consumers and businesses for telecommunications and information technology-based products and services. As providers of communications and information technology, it is more important than ever to understand customers, and to leverage the opportunities that exist. Whether you are seeking to enter new markets or to solidify your position in existing markets, to achieve your business objectives requires developing and implementing innovative, yet practical, business strategies and tactics.

Our experience encompasses product development, marketing and Internet communications, customer satisfaction management, sales planning and management, and brand image and equity studies related to the communications and technology market. Examples of projects we have done for our communications and technology clients include:

A study to explore and evaluate the potential for high speed
Internet service via a range of platforms for home offices and small businesses.

A hands-on usability test of consumers' ability to navigate and
perform specified Internet-enabled customer service functions via
the company's web-site.

A study to determine consumer Internet habits, practices and
usage, as well as preferences for content from their ISP.

A study to measure subscriber satisfaction with satellite television service and programming for a reseller.

A study to determine the overall level of interest among selected
target markets in turnkey e-business services (technology and
infrastructure) for a trade organization.

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