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At The Rickinson Group, we believe that the most effective strategies and tactics are developed based on sound market intelligence and insights. We have extensive market research experience, as well as an understanding of the unique challenges faced by organizations in the healthcare market.

Doctors and NursesThe healthcare segment continues to evolve. Increasing pressures to manage costs, along with technological and biomedical discoveries are driving many of these changes. In this era of increased competition and change, it is imperative those companies involved in the delivery of healthcare, be they providers, physician groups, manufacturers or insurers, stay abreast of these changes and leverage their corporate strengths. Whether you are seeking to enter new markets, launch a new product or service, or introduce a new marketing campaign, to achieve your business objectives requires developing and implementing innovative, yet practical, business strategies and tactics.

Our experience encompasses product development, marketing communications, sales planning and management, and habits and practices studies related to the healthcare market. Examples of projects we have done for our healthcare clients include:

A study to understand the dimensions of brand image of a medical consumables company vis a vis its competition among clinical users and purchasing managers.

A study to understand current practice among economic and clinical decision-makers for a medical device manufacturer.

A study among physicians to solicit reaction to a change in sales
strategy for a pharmaceutical firm.

A study to explore the business aspects of a particular specialty
practice for a medical device manufacturer.

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