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New Product Development

If your goal is to achieve competitive advantage through the development of new products and services, The Rickinson Group's New Product Development Research Services can help. We provide innovative and creative research services for each stage in the product development process. We will work with your product development team to understand your objectives and carefully develop a research plan that addresses your needs, ensuring that the market intelligence you obtain is actionable, relevant, and of the highest quality. From idea generation to product launch, we apply the most appropriate research technique at each stage . . . innovative research approaches such as our qualitative research techniques, and our Internet-based research tools. Our goal is to provide you with research results that can shape the product development process, enhancing the likelihood of product success.

Applications for Market Research in the Stage-Gate Process
The Stage-Gate Process

The Rickinson Group works with you to identify new product and service opportunities by facilitating internal idea-generation sessions with employees and conducting exploratory, qualitative research with your customers. The underlying premise of our research activities is that no idea is a bad idea. We work with you to identify, refine, and prioritize concepts that can be tested with your customers.

During the concept development stage of the product development process, we work with you to:

Test the appeal of the product concept among the
target audience, identifying key strengths and
Identify and understand the key customer segments
for a given new product or service, particularly
characteristics, needs and behaviors that
allow you to effectively target the customer.
Assess unmet needs that the new product or service

To help build your business case, The Rickinson Group can help you understand your competition, including their weaknesses, to determine if the new product is viable in the marketplace. We have extensive experience with studies that measure the likelihood that your new product will be purchased by customers.

Our research expertise can assist you in determining the most effective elements of the marketing mix . . . to guide your new product to market. We have experience conducting research for:

Product naming.
Product positioning.
Marketing promotion and communications.

Once your new product or service has been launched, The Rickinson Group provides customer monitoring and satisfaction studies to help you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and the new product's success. In addition, we work with you to identify product enhancements and product line extensions.

Contact us to learn more about our new product development capabilities.

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