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Product Development and Launch

"Innovation is a key to gaining competitive advantage . . . To gain competitive advantage, the focus of innovation must be on developing new-to-the-world or new-to-the-market products that provide consumers with totally new perceived benefits."
Thomas Kuczmarski, Innovation

If your goal is to achieve competitive advantage through the development of new products and services, The Rickinson Group's New Product Development Consulting Services can help. We provide innovative and creative research and consulting services for each stage in the product development process. No one can guarantee that your product will succeed, but the use of effective and appropriate research tools, techniques, and analysis throughout the development process can help to increase the chances of product success.

Our product development and launch services include:

Process design—development, adaptation, and
implementation of stage-gate processes in your
organization—processes that allows you to allocate
corporate resources efficiently, reduce time-to-
market and improve new product success rates.

Idea generationbrainstorming sessions designed to
elicit creative and innovative new product ideas from
employees, customers, or key trade allies.

Business case developmentthorough and
exhaustive analysis of the market for new products
and services—the target market, concept description,
customer needs assessment, competitive frame and

potential response, market share estimates, and
financial projections.

Market entry strategy developmentcompetitive
positioning, market entry timing, scale and approach,
identification, and recommendations for internal and
external infrastructure issues.

Product launchmanagement of advertising,
promotions and sales collateral materials development,
sales training
support, customer care issues
management, and product
tracking and monitoring.

Contact us to learn more about our product development consulting services.

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