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Qualitative Research

If your research objectives are exploratory in nature—to evaluate new ideas or concepts, understand customer perceptions, values and unmet needs, or pinpoint impediments to success—qualitative research can help.

Traditionally, qualitative research has been viewed as a prelude to quantitative research. At The Rickinson Group, we adhere to this belief, but we also promote qualitative research as a valuable resource to answer the WHY of quantitative research findings.

Our qualitative experience spans both business-to-business and consumer audiences, as well as internal company or organization audiences. The techniques we apply include:

Man Writing on White Board

Focus groups.
Teleconference focus groups.
Internet-threaded discussion groups.
Dyad and triads.
In-depth interviews.
In-depth telephone interviews.
Ideation sessions.
SWOT analysis sessions.
Strategic marketing sessions.

We provide targeted recruiting to help you identify and recruit the right respondents. Our moderating is creative, energized, and resourceful. We incorporate the use of brainstorming aids and tools to help respondents visualize, communicate, and capture ideas and concepts. These tools include mapping, drawing, scaling, and association and ideation. Comparative tools provide a unique set of exercises to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Causation tools delve into the cause and effect of participant decision-making processes.

Contact us to see how we can customize a qualitative research plan to meet your business objectives.

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