1. Qualitative Research
    If your objectives are exploratory in nature -- to evaluate concepts, understand customer perceptions and unmet needs, or pinpoint impediments to success -- qualitative research can help. We offer a full range of qualitative tools and techniques designed to creatively “dig” into the perceptions of your target audience. Our expertise includes the following approaches: Online Bulletin Boards with optional Mobile and Mark-Up Tools In-Person and Telephone Focus Groups Ethnographies and User Experience Studies In-Person and Telephone In-Depth Interviews
  2. Product Development
    We provide innovative and creative research services for each stage in the product development process. While research won’t guarantee that your product will succeed, but use of effective and appropriate research tools and techniques throughout the development process can help to increase the chances of product success. From idea generation and user ethnographies to concept testing to product naming, packaging design and communications and advertising testing to user experience testing we can deliver sound research at each step of the design and development process..
  3. Customer Satisfaction Management
    Our goal is to help our clients understand their customer’s wants and needs via Voice of the Customer, identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction, and measure company performance on critical service quality attributes. Our goal is to enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately, lead to improved customer retention and loyalty. The Voice of the Customer can be identified through careful and skilled interviewing techniques used to ensure that the client understands not only what is an important need for any given customer, but why it is so important. Critical Needs Assessment is performed to understand the relative importance of customer needs, and the company’s performance meeting these same needs.
  4. Communications and Advertising
    The underlying element of an effective communications campaign is a viable and focused positioning strategy. Our expertise in qualitative techniques allows us to provide you powerful and valuable market intelligence regarding motivational “triggers” to develop that strategy. It costs as much to produce and place an ineffective advertisement as an effective one, but the difference in company revenues and profitability can be enormous. We employ qualitative and quantitative research techniques such as online bulletin boards with mark up tools during the concept and copy testing stage.