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Web Site Testing ResearchWhether you are developing your first web-site or a second-generation site, The Rickinson Group can help you be sure that it meets your customers' needs and expectations. We use creative applications of traditional qualitative research techniques, along with tools taken from the social sciences (ethnographic observations), to help you understand if your web-site is compelling, easy to navigate, functional, and communicating the desired image.

Our unique research process includes a number of activities, or phases, which can be customized to your specific situation.

Ideation Sessions

A one half to full day session, customized and facilitated by our experienced moderators, brings together the cross-functional team within your organization concerned about your web-site's effective development. Proven ideation and continuous improvement tools and techniques are employed to identify anticipated consumer needs and interests.

Pre-Beta Site Qualitative Research

This process includes a series of focus groups with target customers pre-recruited to the specifications of the Action Plan. During this phase of research, respondents are taken to competitive web-sites to obtain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of different sites. Respondents are asked questions about the "look and feel" of the web-site, the image the site communicates and desired functionality. This feedback will serve as input to the development of your Internet strategy and web-site deployment, providing direction and guidance in terms of customer interest in specific Internet-enabled services and content.

Beta Site Qualitative Research

Once the beta site has been developed, respondents are then recruited to participate in in-depth interviews. During this phase of research, respondents are closely observed navigating the beta site. As a result, we are able to identify specific pages and menus in the web-site that cause confusion or problems, as well as gain valuable customer insights that improve the site's ease of use and functionality.

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